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Below are some of my favourite sites, in alphabetical order, and a short description of what's in them. If you feel your site is related, in some way, to the contents of this site, feel free to contact me via the contact form available on the left and I will see if your site fits in. If you're not sure, just ask!

Links Related to Site Content:

  • Canadian Liberty Blog - Canadian Libertarian Alan Mercer's blogs. This site covers many interesting subjects with a Libertarian outlook.
  • Canadian Unregistered Firearm Owner's Association (CUFOA) - CUFOA participates in peaceful civil disobedience to protest Bill C-68 and try to bring the injustices this Act causes to the public's attention.
  • Driver's Against Daytime Running Lights - This site is a grass roots organization in the USA dedicated to disproving the myth that having DRL's is safer than not having DRL's.
  • Ezra Levant Blog - Ezra discusses being charged by one of our Human Rights Tribunals here in Canada. He is charged, essentially, with offending a minority group. This is in relation to the pictures depicting Mohammed back in 2005.
  • - A personal project site dedicated to making Canadian politicians easier to get a hold of. Site includes Federal and Provincial politicians' email and physical addresses. Federal includes Senate and Cabinet Ministers. Use this site to send formal letters to politicians at various levels of Canadian Government.
  • John Lott's Articles - This is a link to Dr John R Lott Jr's website, where a large number of his articles from various newspapers, are kept.
  • Harvard Study - Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murders and Suicides? This link is to a digital version of the study. It's roughly 46 pages long, so there's plenty of reading and facts available.
  • - This website discusses labour issues in Canada. The site is aimed at allowing people, who are dissatisfied with their union, the chance to talk without having to worry about union censorship.
  • LabourWatch - This site provides a lot of information for people who are unhappy with their union or employer and need to find the legal information to deal with the organisation.
  • - Anti-State, Anti-War, Pro-Market. There are some very interesting articles here. Their site is based, very heavily, on Libertarian ideals.
  • Libertarian Party of Canada - This site is the official website for the Party. There is a link to their Statement of Principles as well as lots of reading available in their forum.
  • Ludwig von Mises Institute - This site is similar to the above site. It is based out of Austria and is, again, very heavily based on Libertarian ideals.
  • National Firearms Association - This organization has been fighting bad firearms legislation for years. They understand the need for balance, but are, very much, against our current firearms legislation setup.
  • Repeal Bill C-68 (Firearms Act) - Bruce Montague was arrested of paper crimes in regards to his firearms. His story is on his site and also allows for donations to his defense fund. He is expecting a $300,000 bill in order to complete his charter challenge of Bill-C68.
  • YouTube - KateysFirearmsFacts - Katey is Bruce's (above) daughter. She is out to bring attention to her dad's legal predicament.

Links to Friends and Sites I've Produced With:

  • Andrew - SilentWorks designer. He started the Tagger plugin and is now co-authoring it with me.
  • CWDS - Canadian Web Design Services. Has worked with me designing more than one site. Generally he's the CSS guru of a project.
  • David - Public Relations specialist for Wolf CMS ... and he's just really helpful.
  • Martijn van der Kleijn - Lead developer for the Wolf CMS project.
  • Mike Barlow - Also known as snsmurf to Wolf users. Another developer for Wolf CMS.
  • Project 79 - Website dedicated to Wolf CMS. Created by jackie, one of the developers for Wolf.
  • Wolf CMS Home - Wolf CMS is the backbone of this site, it is wonderfully light while providing everything a site developer might need to design and easily maintain a website!

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