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I have been doing a lot of reading lately on politics and I wanted to post my opinions on all 20 parties running in this upcoming Federal Election. I am going to post them in order of preference just because it's my opinion and that's what I feel like *grin*. I'll do my best to link sources and all, but some of this will be pure opinion. This list comes from Elections Canada Online. Anyway, here goes:

  1. Libertarian Party of Canada - This one should be obvious, if you've read any of my other articles. My primary concern in a political party are my, along with everyone else's, liberties. Liberty is one of the principles this country was founded on and, as such, any party attempting to limit or revoke my liberties is very low on my list. I love the idea of being personally responsible for my own actions. If I make a mistake, I should be held responsible for that mistake, not you or other tax payers. While the safety net of the government is a "comforting" idea, at best, it is far too easy to take advantage of it. Removing that safety net makes me want to be all that much more aware of the consequences of my actions. Risk is part of the spice of life, I don't want a government body telling me that I cannot take this or that risk. This will remain one of my favorite parties for a while to come.

  2. Non-Existant Party - I wanted this in here just to show how much space there is between the LPC and any other party on the list. This is nothing more than a spacer. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the "Perfect Party of Canada". This is because there are as many opinions in this country as there are people. If this party did exist, it likely would be above the LPC, but it does not, and more realistically, cannot exist, so it will remain here acting as a spacer.

  3. Conservative Party of Canada - This is the closest party on the slate to the LPC. They don't exactly believe in small government, though, so I have a hard time believing they'll be doing anything to maintain my liberties. The only reason to hire more bureaucrats is to hunt down good citizens and charge them with some paper crime. This is one of my major reasons for not wanting this party in power. I comment on the more bureaucrats thing due to their bill C-21 alternative to bill C-68 (The Firearms Act). They initially brought this bill in as a way to abolish the long gun registry. I'm all for that, but it also introduced a number of new rules that could only be solved by hiring more people to administer them. All these rules were to do with handguns and my choice of who to sell those to. I am already restricted to selling my guns to another licensed user, which I'm fine with, but now that licensed user has to re-do all his background checks just to buy the gun. He's already licensed, why should he re-do all his checks? This party is on a bed of nails. They are in a possible majority situation, and they'd better not abuse that. I hope they do the right thing, but have little faith in politicians as a whole.

  4. Western Block Party - While I really love my country, as a whole, I'd really like to feel like my voice meant something to the "powers that be". One way of doing that would be for the western half to break away from the Ontario and East's leftist political think-tank. The reason a large number of "Liberal" laws are in place, is because the people out east tend to vote Liberal. It's not something that us in the west can do anything about. There is no proportional representation, and so the east tends to dictate who will be in parliament. They hold a large part of our national population out there and, according to our methods of democracy, that makes them "always right", even if we disagree out west.

  5. Work Less Party - Pretty much we'd all love to work less. While I don't like their methods, it's nice to dream, isn't it? This again comes down to personal responsibility, if I truly want to work less, then I should really get to work on creating passive income instead of relying on an employer to pay me, currently, and the government to support me, later on.

  6. Marijuana Party - I really am not a fan of this party, and personally wouldn't vote for it. They have a liberties outlook, but it's only on one single issue. This is the reason I can't really take them seriously. Nevertheless, they are a registered party, and I did say 20 parties, so, here they are.

  7. Progressive Canadian Party - Again, the only reason these are here, is because they aren't the NDP or the Liberal Party. I don't much like their socialist ideas such as: "Efficient Taxation - Creating Wealth". Huh? Who's ever heard of taxation that creates wealth? Who's ever heard of an efficient government, let alone tax?

  8. neorhino.ca - I have no idea what this party is for, since I cannot read French, but they're listed and they're not the NDP or Liberal Party. So, here they are.

  9. Bloc Québécois - Again, I pretty much don't know what this party is for, aside for being a Quebec separatist party. Again, though, if they leave, perhaps my vote out west might actually count for something. However, if they do leave, I expect them to take their fair share of the national debt with them and create their own currency. It's all part of being a sovereign nation and you cannot have one responsibility without the others.

  10. Newfoundland and Labrador First Party - Yet again, this is pretty much a spacer. I think the same rules should apply. If they want to break off from the rest of the country, fine, but take your fair share of the national debt and be prepared to create your own currency. I would actually miss this area as they hold a large part of our eastern coastline.

  11. Christian Heritage Party of Canada - I was actually kind of surprised by this party. While I don't like all of their policies, their last few surprised me. Afirm the right to protect family in the home. That's more than the Liberals promised, and that's why this party is higher up.

  12. Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada - I'm not one for animal rights, per se. I do believe that they should not be killed needlessly or put to great amounts of pain. However, they are here, in my opinion, to serve us. Whether that service provides food or clothing or otherwise, doesn't really matter. Any animals hunted for food or materials should be humanely put down, a clean kill. There's no reason to harm them just to watch them suffer. They are a fairly majestic sight, most of the time, enjoy it and when the time comes to need food or clothing, they will still be around to provide it for you.

  13. Green Party of Canada - I really don't buy into this global warming hype. Especially since the last few years have been progressively colder. Aside from that, the globe does not heat and cool in a uniform pattern. Some years will be colder and others will be warmer. There could be patterns that are tens of thousands of years long. Who's to say that we aren't heading into another ice age? Or the opposite for that matter? We have to learn to adapt to our surroundings, not the other way around. Anyway, this party is still not Liberal or NDP, so here they are.

  14. Canadian Action Party - I believe this to be another one of those single issue parties. They seem to be more about our Canadian identity and stopping our neighbors to the south from rubbing off any more than they already have. The problem, in my opinion, is that we don't have much pride in our identity. Why keep something when we aren't proud of what we have? That's not face value, there's more behind it. How many of us are just a little bit envious of all the things the Americans seem to have? Hollywood, Disneyland, Grand Central Station, and the list goes on. It's not that we don't have our own, but everything gets so hyped up, that everyone wants a piece. I will admit to being a more than a little bit envious of a few laws they have down there. I'm also more than a little proud that our government hasn't passed anything similar to the Patriot Act, introduced in the US. Anyway, they have ideas and they're still not the Liberals or the NDP.

  15. People's Political Power Party of Canada - I, personally, have no interest in this party. One of their goals is to make illegal anything which "demoralizes" women. While that's all fine and dandy in their set of morals and ethics, not everyone believes as they do. Along these lines, how would you possibly enforce porn being illegal? If you think the gun registry boondoggle was expensive at $2 billion in tax dollars, thus far, and $75 million in tax dollars, every year, then just wait to see what the budget will be for enforcing the prohibition of porn, strip clubs, prostitution, etc. I really hope you're prepared for either massive deficit or massive tax. I won't be voting for these guys, but again, they're not NDP and they're not Liberals.

  16. First Peoples National Party of Canada - I was a little taken aback with this party. This is a party who seems to be openly racist, in a way. They believe that because their god put them on this land first, that they have an inherent right to it. I'm sorry, but just because my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather hurt one or more of your "people", does not mean that I should still be paying for his mistake. The only reason racism is still a factor today, is because people still segregate themselves. I have more than one friend of all descents, whether it be Native, Black, Asian, Caucasian, Spanish, etc. None of us think ourselves better than the other, and that's what makes us equal. That equality is what keeps us willing and able to work together for whatever goal we've dreamed up. If we segregated ourselves and some of us got special treatment, the rest of us would feel different and not want to work with the ones getting the special treatment. While I won't vote for this party, ever, they're still not the Liberals or the NDP.

  17. New Democratic Party - The first of a few parties I really did not want in this list at all. The NDP is a very socialist party. They believe in nobody being richer than anyone else, no matter how much work they put into their wealth. They talk about lower taxes and not hurting the working people while taxing more on the wealthier, etc. Unfortunately, the flaws are too numerous to all mention. I'll list one though. If you tax the rich, but not the "lower class" you are discriminating against a distinct class of people, which is forbidden by our Charter Rights. Even if it did pass, they would just move somewhere else, where they didn't have to pay that tax. If it did pass, again, you'd also lower their wealth and redistribute it to everyone else, now that they don't have the wealth they did before, who are you going to tax to keep the money rolling? You guessed it, the working class people. What goes up, must come down, and that includes the taxation bar. I have no use for socialism which is precisely why I'll never vote for these folks.

  18. Liberal Party of Canada - The second of those parties I didn't want to list. They exist, however, and I am listing all the parties against my better judgement. For one reason will I never vote for them: in 2006 they promised that if they were voted into power, they would ban all handguns across our country. I don't like them for other reasons, but that was the final straw. I am sick of their corruption and their idealistic one sided view on everything and I just cannot condone their getting back into office. I have never heard of so many scandals, corruptions and lies as I had after they fell from power. Their words are nothing more than "feel good" promises that do nothing to actually ensure your safety or security. Their words get their friends hired into office positions worth hundreds of thousands of tax dollars, every year. Millions of tax dollars went missing into contracts made with their friends and cannot be recovered, due to lack of transparency and auditing. This is a definite "no-go" party for me.

  19. Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada - This party and the party below are, in my mind exactly the same. I'll write this here, though, and just point to it in the next slot. The name listed is the official name, listed on the ballot for The Communist (Marxist-Leninist) Party of Canada. They are essentially on the same level as the NDP. The major difference is their view that the community should own everything and nothing should be personally owned. The problem here is that, if I don't personally own anything, what motivates me to do anything at all? We are a very materialistic society. That isn't going to change. Telling me that the community decides who owns what, is ridiculous. If nobody has a material thing to motivate them to work, then nothing gets done and everyone sits at home and does nothing. Another problem here, and I've said it before, is that whole "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" thing. If the community holds all the power, what's to stop them from turning their backs on someone or a group of someones they don't like? No, communism showed it's colours during the holocaust. I have no interest in a repeat.

  20. Communist Party of Canada - (See Above)

Anyway, I hope that provided some insight into the upcoming election. Please remember that if you believe in something, get out and vote for the party that suites your personal tastes. If the party you approve of isn't listed on your ballot, I encourage you to not vote for a "single issue" party just so your vote gets counted. Maybe handwrite your favourite party onto the ballot. Sure, it'll be a spoiled ballot, but you won't have voted against your convictions and another party won't be getting money for your vote that they don't deserve. Something to keep in mind is, a party gets $1.75/vote per period of time. I believe the time period is a month, but I could be wrong. If you want to vote for the LPC, but they aren't on your ticket and you change that vote to the Marijuana Party, you have just given that $1.75 to the Marijuana party, where it doesn't belong. If you spoil your ticket, nobody gets that money. It's your choice in the end, but isn't that what being in a free country is all about? Choice?

Thanks for listening, if you have comments, please feel free to send them in below!


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