This plugin has been a real collaboration effort between Andrew Smith and myself. He originally designed the plugin, with help from others, and was very pleasant to work with in improving the plugin to create something that will, hopefully, work in everyone's case and be its most useful. This page is hosted on my site as a backup to Andrew's Official Tagger page. He may have different information on his page that I encourage you to read over. The plugin download is the same at either page, so it doesn't matter which one you download from.

  • Title: Tagger
  • Version: 1.4.4
  • Status: Stable

This plugin checks for all tags and displays them as either a cloud, which you can see functioning on the left sidebar, or a list. This way, visitors to your site can see all tags or, if you so choose, a limited list of tags which may include articles they are interested in. When you click on a tag, it will take you to a list of all articles that use that tag. The plugin also includes instructions, in the documentation, on how to change the default tags, that are underneath each article description on any archive page, into tag links. There is also credits and a brief history of the plugin's development included in the readme.txt file in the plugin's root directory.

Install: Simply extract one of the archives below into your /frog/plugins/ directory. At this point, all you need do is go to your Administration tab in the backend of your Wolf installation and click the checkbox on the far right of the plugin's name.

Use: As soon as you click enable the plugin, it should create a "tags" snippet and a new "Tagger" article under the "Home" directory. These are all that is needed to run the plugin. If it did not create these items, please see the readme.txt file included with the plugin for directions on setting them up manually.

I have now modified the files to work with Wolf CMS. It will work with future versions that eventually remove the __FROG_CONN__ references and will now properly reference the new database connection.

Issues - Please track any issues over on GitHub.

Download: tagger.zip
Downloaded: 1587 times
Type: ZIP

I'm going to keep the older Frog CMS versions archived. You will find them below:

Download: tagger.tar.gz - No longer maintained.
Downloaded: 1288 times
Type: GZ

Download: tagger.zip - No longer maintained.
Downloaded: 1324 times
Type: ZIP


  1. Hi, there's a problem with special chars support (with Czech chars like š, á, é for example). When I add tag, lets say, "Hasiči", the link to it changes into "hasii" (and won't find article with such tag). But when I manually change the tag in the url to "hasici", it works. Tagger just leave the characters out and that makes the problem... :(

    Ivy Thu, 4 Feb 2010

  2. Hi. I've just installed the Tagger on my site. It didn't show up automatically. So I went through the Manual part of installation description. I've added the following line to the sidebar of the home page: includeSnippet('tags'); ?> It started to work but it doesn't alternate the size and boldness depending on the occurrence. Just a plain line with the number in the braces. Is there any way to manage the output? Thanks.

    Serge Wed, 6 Jun 2012

  3. Sorry. Please disregard my previous comment-request. I've found the settings page:)

    Serge Wed, 6 Jun 2012

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