Ok, so this is my first plugin for Frog CMS. The idea to this one is to be able to ping XML-RPC servers, to notify them of an update to your site.

  • Title: Pinger
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Status: Stable

I'm no expert to PHP and I'm still learning the core of Wolf, but this solution seems to work fairly decently. I've used it myself a few times with relatively few errors. The errors I am getting at this point are all to do with the receiving server either timing out or, in the case of and Yahoo!, just not liking the request. I have still included them, but I have defaulted them off. If you are good at PHP, feel free to look at the code and modify it. If you can come up with some better solutions than I'm using, I'm more than happy to see about integrating it into the files.

The plugin includes a complete I18N template translation file, documentation accessible inside the plugin, and settings (which includes the ability to add more servers or remove ones you don't want). I have tried to think of a lot of possibilities, and I think I've covered my bases. Like I said above, though, if you find something that needs a fix or have a fix for it, feel free to contact me. There's a form available in the menu to the left to contact me. I'll do what I can to respond and address your request.

Install: simply extract the archived files (below) into the /wolf/plugins/ directory of your Wolf installation. Then open up the Administration tab in the backend of your Wolf CMS website and click the checkbox on the right hand side in line with the Pinger plugin. Once you refresh, the Pinger tab will show up and make the remainder of the application accessible.

Please note that these files are the archived files for Frog CMS. I'll be working on a copy for Wolf CMS in the near future.

Download: pinger.tar.gz - No longer maintained.
Downloaded: 1270 times
Type: GZ

Download: - No longer maintained.
Downloaded: 1310 times
Type: ZIP


  1. This is nice. I like it, and the code is pretty clean. Good job. I hope this is just the beginning of your plugins.

    Bdesign Sun, 19 Oct 2008

  2. Amazing plugin, thanks for sharing it :) You helped me a lot!

    WebUtd Sun, 14 Feb 2010

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