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I've gone and done a very large overhaul on the structure of this site. A few things are left to change, but they will be minor and should not affect the structure of the URL anymore. Simply enough, I've just added in one more level of organization. Previously all Articles were listed under the Articles tab. However, that wasn't very organized and I felt it made the site a little difficult to navigate. I have, therefore, changed it so that the Articles tab has 5 new sub levels to keep my articles a little more oganized and, hopefully, easier to find. The 5 new levels are:

The rest of the site has remained, basically, the same. There will be a few changes as I fix bugs around the site, but it shouldn't end up being anything major. The new levels have explanations on the Articles page as to what each contains. This should cover any articles that I may write in the future. If not, I'll make sure to create the new section before posting so that you don't have to suffer through anymore 301 redirects.

Anyway, feel free to peruse the new layout and tell me what you think. If I need to work on something to make the site better, let me know!


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