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Parable of the Sheep

I have a little time, today, so here's a quick one I found that I really like. It's called the Parable of the Sheep by Charles Riggs. I found it over at Abhijeet Singh's Site, which focuses on firearms laws in India.

Anyway, without further adieu:

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Handguns Are Necessary

I posted a comment yesterday to a blog titled "No Handguns Necessary" on the website "Scott's Diatribe". The following quote pretty much sums up his thoughts:

That being said, I am of the opinion that once the Conservatives are ousted from power, handguns of all types should indeed be banned. I see absolutely no reason for ordinary Canadians to have to own a handgun any more then not seeing the reason for them owning an assault rifle. If someone counters that farmers and such need something to shoot pests, a rifle or shotgun is of a better use to them in that regard. My relatives who are farmers all own rifles for that express purpose; none of them have ever expressed a desire to get a handgun to defend the farm from varmints. Handguns should be limited to the military and the police.


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Defensive Guns

I have found some examples and, over the next while, I am going to keep my eyes open for more examples of guns used in a defensive manner. My hope is that, by showing these, you or someone else will understand that guns are not the terrible tool that the media has made it out to be. I encourage you to read the examples in their entirety and not just skip them assuming they have no relation to you. I personally have been involved with people who have approached my car because they're angry at me, and had a trucker wave a bat out his window at me because I was doing the speed limit. Nobody is above this happening to them and I continue to wonder why the government won't allow us to properly defend ourselves.

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Gun Control

Somebody help me here, I am having a hard time understanding where these people are getting their thoughts from. What needs to be said or shown to the people in organizations like the "Coalition for Gun Control" (CGC), in Canada, and "Handgun Control Inc." (HCI), in the USA, to make them think for themselves? Media rhetoric is at an all time high everywhere you go. The only place people get their information from, anymore, is from, as my mother used to call it, the "idiot box". What does it take for people to realize that, like the internet, not everything you see on TV is true?

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Garry Breitkreuz

Since people seem to love to go up against my views on gun control, I am going to post more in support of my view. This one is from Garry Breitkreuz, who is MP of the Conservative Party of Canada in the Yorkton - Melville constituency. For ease of reading purposes, I'm going to post the whole article, then pull pieces of it and comment on those individual pieces. I realize these are based in 2003, but there have been no major reforms in law that would cause them to be invalid today.

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