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Seems to me, if you can't weather a storm, you probably shouldn't be out in it to begin with. If you're so fragile, that you break because of a downturn in the economy, you probably shouldn't be in business. Instead, our governments have decided that they should fund these inefficient and unsustainable businesses. Why? To save a few jobs for a few more weeks. Do they never learn?

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United We ... Fall?

There are some things that people don't really like to talk about. There's a good chance that a few people will hate me for just writing my thoughts. Not everyone feels like Unions do a great deal to help things along. Some people feel like they're just paying another tax into another bottomless pit. Unlike their taxes, though, they aren't getting anything in return. Before I go much further, though, let me clarify some personal definitions, to help you follow where I'm coming from:

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Sicko Review

I watched Sicko last night, as promised, and still can't say I'm impressed. The movie starts off by saying that approximately 50 million Americans do not have health insurance, as is their choice. It then goes on to tell us that the movie is not about those 50 million, but instead about the 250 million Americans that do have health insurance. It then purports to show us the atrocities faced by these 250 million people who are denied claims and charged abhorrently large amounts of money for necessary medical treatment.

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Health Care and Libertarianism

I have talked with numerous people about the subject of libertarianism and, while most view some of their ideas as having merit, they always tend to fall back to their fears of a free market. One of their largest, most pronounced, fears that surface is their fear of a free health care market. I can, kind of, see where people are coming from when they voice their fears. However, the way I see it, the government run system is failing us already. We currently have wait times, in a lot of provinces, of 17 weeks or longer. It's nearly impossible to find a family doctor in Alberta. Nurses have been on strike in more than one province, sometimes for months on end. Where will it end?

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